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A little information about Smartech

Smartech was founded in 1996 by Irving Levy.  Irving holds a BS and MS degree from George Washington University where he majored in electrical engineering with an emphasis in software design and communications.  He began his career in the biomedical field at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) after university.  He left the NIH taking on the posiiton of VP of R&D for a major Patient Monitoring Company, where he remained until starting Smartech.


Moshe Ulman,MSEE, the lead hardware designer at Smartech began his biomedical career with Irving designing patient monitors.   He has been responsible for electronics design of several patient monitoring and ventilator products.s.


Smartech Medical Electronics Ltd. began in 1996 with a simple idea - to build a central display that would display all of the equipment around a patient's bed and not just the information from the patient monitor.  As time went by Smartech began taking on projects of other companies to pay for the development cost of our project.  We discovered that our greatest asset is our ability to use our experience to help others.  We have continued to expand on this concept.  Our slogan:  Your Ideas - Our Experience is the basis for our existance.

We have developed our services to include all aspects of medical instrumentation hardware and software design as well as their associated regulatory issues.  In addition we have used our experience to provide developers with circuits and software that will allow you to quickly try out new ideas.


Our goal is to identify the needs of developers of medical devices and to provide the services, systems and components that will allow device companies to maximize the results that they acheive with their R&D budget.


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