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Development Kits

Smartech believes the way to begin testing a new idea or starting a new project is to quickly build a prototype that demonstrates the idea and allows you to get a better grasp of what  your needs are and were the limitations may be.  One way we help you do this is by providing subassembies that are ready to use.  These subassemblies come in the form of development kits.


We have development kits for processor design ranging from very low cost and low power CPUs such as TI's MSP430 series to advanced CPUs based on ARM processors and running LINUX or Android.  We have additional kits for power control and communications.  Our communication boards allow you to connect via Bluetooth or low power RF networks.


In addition we have ready made data acquisition boards and medical boards that allow you to connect directly to sensors such as ECG, Blood Pressure, SpO2, Temperature and Flow.

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