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Planning a startup?  Looking for venture capital?  Want to add a new product?  Desire to demonstrate a new idea?  Smartech specializes in designing prototypes.  A good prototype is your first step to a successful product.  There is nothing more convincing than a working prototype to proove that your idea can succeed.  Tell us your needs, and take advantage of our years of experience of bring products to market.

ELECTRONICS DESIGN - Our electronics design services include both analog and digital designs. We have designed numerous analog circuits for physiological sensors such as ECG, blood pressure and cardiac output. Our goal in each analog design is to design the minimum circuitry necessary for proper functionality and to move as quickly as possible to the digital domain where our analog designs are complimented by intelligent digital signal processing. more

PCB LAYOUT - Our services are part of a total product concept that allows our clients to quickly bring a prototype design into the testing stage or a production product out the door.   Our Orcad and Cadence systems provide the ability to move from your schematic diagram to a finished PCB.

FDA / CE Software Documentation -Software Documentation is one of the key investiments made in obtaining approval for marketing a medical device.  We have years of experience in providing the documentation required for approvals.  Our new ALM service will provide you with the documentation you need to stay compliant while increasing

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SOFTWARE DESIGN - We have designed software for many medical devices as well as non-medical devices going from simple 8-bit microcontrollers to sophisticated ARM and PCs.  If you are a medical device company, Smartech's designs meet IEC 62304 standard.  If you are not a medical device company, you still deserve the quality of design and the documentation that you receive from Smartech's development process.

Protoype Production- We provide total product turn around.  We can manufacture and supply you with tested PCBs using facilities that meet ISO-9001 and ISO-13485 production standards.  Our prototype production services include purchasing components, maintaining prodution documentation using our ERP and change management system and statistical data needed for product improvement.


DEVELOPMENT KITS - We have in stock development kits to allow you to rapidly begin a project.  Our kits include everything from low powered microcontrollers to ARM processors that run Linux and Android.  We also carry a line of physiologic modules including ECG, Blood Pressure, SpO2, Temperature, Airway Pressure and more.

Kits and Components in house

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